Clubs have good reasons to generate funds – to assist with running costs, to keep fees down, to fund strategic developments, for new programs, and/or to maintain slush funds to cover unforeseen costs or price increases.

Knowing how much fundraising to undertake should be determined by financial plans and budget forecasts, as well as any strategic plans your club has for the future e.g. facility development.

It is always best not to fundraise just for fundraising’s sake.

Remember that GippSport staff are available to provide your club assistance in developing fundraising plans, Contact Us for more information.

Fundraising Options

Ritchies Community Benefit Card

September 13 2013, Fundraising

Ritchies will donate a percentage of their customer spending to their nominated club, school or charity. Ongoing Add your organisation to the register list by contacting Judy Rebecca on (03) 9784 2000 (03) 9784 2000 or email.

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