Violence Against Women is a big issue in Victoria. It is the leading cause of death, disability and illness for women aged 15-44. Sporting clubs play an important role in people’s lives and have an influence on the wider community.

50/50 clubs is a project being implemented by GippSport in partnership with Gippsland Women’s Health to work towards the Prevention of Men’s Violence Against Women (PMVAW). It will assist clubs in ensuring their club environment is safe, welcoming and inclusive of women and girls, and that their club does not tolerate attitudinal support for violence against women. 50/50 clubs will do this through assisting clubs to complete a gender audit of their club, providing information sessions and training with club members and through the distribution of resources providing information on supporting someone experiencing violence and promoting key messages around gender equality and PMVAW. 50/50 clubs will also assist clubs to identify and overcome barriers to women and girls participation in sport.

Information sessions for leaders within sporting clubs will be held early next year across Gippsland. Further details soon to follow.

For further information and to become involved in 50/50 clubs, please contact your local program coordinator at GippSport or Tanya Kilgower at or 0490 102 288