For the second consecutive year East Gippsland Specialist School and Bairnsdale Secondary College students have teamed up to participate in the Junior United Mentoring Program (JUMP).  The JUMP program is an exciting integrated basketball program endorsed by School Sport Victoria which aims to integrate students with disabilities, with mainstream students on the basketball court.

A seven week program was facilitated and hosted by Basketball Victoria with the support of GippSport’s Access for All Abilities program and leading teachers from Bairnsdale Secondary College and East Gippsland Specialist School. The program gives students the opportunity to socialise and learn new basketball skills over a seven week period, where Bairnsdale Secondary College students take on a mentoring role, thus demonstrating and strengthening their leadership skills. The program also aims to develop the confidence of Bairnsdale Secondary College students to work with people with disabilities and to have a better understanding and awareness of disabilities. During the Term students from the East Gippsland Specialist School were able to develop their social skills, build self-esteem and increase their levels of physical activity.

Over the course of the term students completed a Level O Coaching Course, a short course in refereeing, inclusive coaching session and several joint training sessions where all students trained together. At the conclusion of the program both schools played in a round robin tournament day run entirely by the students. This included coaching, refereeing, scoring and playing.

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