In conjunction with Regional Sports Assemblies, SMA-VIC is looking for expressions of interest from Senior Sports Trainers or Physiotherapists who are interesting in entering into the program to become trainers and assessors of our Level 1 Sports Trainer Course in our 4 pilot areas:

• Mallee – Mallee Sports Assembly
• Gippsland – GippSport
• Greater Geelong – Leisure Networks
• Warrnambool – South West Sports

If you are interested in applying to be a part of this program please fill out the
expression of interest form below and send it to either your local Regional Sports
Assembly or directly to SMA-VIC.

Program requirements:
• Physiotherapy degree, Accredited Level 2 Sports Trainer OR 5 + years as an Accredited
Level 1 Sports Trainer.
• Attend meeting with SMA-VIC, Regional Sports Assembly
• Attend cadet presenter network session teleconference
• Assist in presenting SMA Level 1 Sports Trainer Course
• Present SMA Level 1 Sports Trainer course under supervision
• Complete Program Review evaluation form at completion of program

SMA Info Sheet & Expression of Interest