“Every person has the right to play sport.”

For the past 8 years since re-forming the region & committee of Special Olympics Gippsland this statement has driven the committed volunteers who have supported approximately 60 Gippsland athletes with intellectual disabilities.

The reformed Gippsland region started with one basketball team, and due to steady growth, now boasts enough athletes for three basketball teams. Gippsland is also represented with a tenpin team that is growing rapidly, as well as athletes who participate in athletics, swimming, sailing and soccer.

Special Olympics is about transforming lives, including your own. It’s about the spirit of giving and teamwork. It’s about making your community and neighbourhood a more welcoming and accepting place for people of all abilities. Special Olympics would not exist today without the commitment and enthusiasm of the volunteers who give their time to the organisation and athletes.

The Gippsland region committee is urgently seeking the services of three motivated people to take up key Executive positions on the committee. The required roles are:

  • Vice Chair;
  • Secretary; and,
  • Membership Officer.

The Special Olympics movement in Australia is going through a state of change and as such we are searching for committed people experienced (or willing to learn) with working within a club environment and are willing to roll their sleeves up and work to provide the best possible experience for our Gippsland Special Olympics Athletes.

There are many other ways to support our local Special Olympics program. Opportunities are available to coach or umpire. If you’re involved in a local sports club and interested in starting a small local program we’d love to hear from you. If you are interested in supporting the region but are unable to commit the time, please contact us as there are other opportunities available that may be of interest.

Special Olympics Gippsland has been built on a strong culture of volunteering. The organisation can offer support and development opportunities for our volunteer members, many of whom see the smiles on the athletes faces as their reward.

Information on Gippsland’s Special Olympics program, the roles and the commitment required from volunteers is available by contacting Dan Poynton, GippSport’s Access for All Abilities Program Manager: daniel@gippsport.com.au or 5135 8335.