With the increased scrutiny on sporting clubs around compliance and regulation, comes the need for clubs to adopt or develop policies on a wide range of issues. Many State Sporting Associations and State and federal Governments require clubs to have policies in place to safeguard themselves and their members.

You may have adopted or developed policies about Working with Children, insurance requirements, food handling, alcohol management, ground safety checks, team selection, concussion and the list goes on. But how do your members know about these policies? Maybe they are on your website, in a two-ring binder somewhere or sitting in a box with the secretary. Maybe you provide a list of all your policies to each member. Obviously some methods are better than others but it is important that members know the policies exist and where to find them. You never know when a member may wish to recognize someone’s hard work or serve at your bar.

Some clubs may provide written copies of policies to all members but this creates a lot of paperwork. Some clubs are selective about the policies they provide to members and these are usually ones like the code of conduct or fee paying processes.

GippSport has developed a one page guide that clubs could provide to their members. This may be as a hard copy, through their notice board, website, Facebook or Team App site. This can be adopted to suit your club needs.

The club will still require a place where policies are stored. With new technologies available, these can easily be stored electronically through the ‘Cloud’, computers, websites and USB sticks.

The Policy Guide can be accessed below.

For more information about the policies your club may need, contact GippSport on 51 358335 or info@gippsport.com.au

Club policies template