Chris Morrison Collegians Cricket Club 001

Collegians Cricket Club is the first Wellington Shire sports club to receive a free code of conduct sign from GippSport.  The Code outlines behaviours that are expected of every person involved in community sport and active recreation, as well as identifying the types of behaviours that will not be tolerated.

Chris Morrison, spokesperson for Collegians Cricket Club, believes the code of conduct is a great way to help club members and the wider community understand the behaviours required when involved with sport, ‘The club is always looking at ways to be more welcoming and inclusive. The code of conduct enables the club to help members understand that everyone has the right to participate and feel safe.’   

Mr Morrison said ‘that club members, players, officials, spectators and parents have a significant role in ensuring appropriate behaviour occurs at all times.  We encourage everyone involved with our club to familiarise themselves with the code.’  

GippSport is encouraging all Gippsland sporting clubs to adopt the Victorian Code of Conduct and have created signs for clubs to display at their clubrooms and venues.  Prior to clubs placing a sign at their clubrooms or venue, GippSport Executive Officer Barry Switzer indicated that his staff will meet with clubs to ensure they understand the code of conduct and also consider processes to deal with people who do not comply. 

Clubs that place a sign at their venue are agreeing to follow and undertake simple actions such as: showing respect to other players and the broader community, elimination of violent and abusive behaviour and including everyone regardless of culture, religion, race, sexuality or age. Community sport will be a much more inclusive environment for everyone to enjoy. 

The Code supports Victoria’s Plan to Prevent Violence Against Women by taking a zero tolerance stance towards violence against women.  

Acts of violence, discrimination and vilification are illegal acts within Victoria. It is a club’s responsibility not only to report these to the appropriate legal authorities but also to ensure these acts are not tolerated by the sport or club. 

“The Code provides the opportunity to make a positive impact on community participation in sport and recreation by encouraging appropriate behaviour at all times. Implementation of the Code will help to ensure that community sport remains safe and inclusive for all,” concluded Mr. Switzer. 

Any clubs interested in obtaining more information or a sign for their venue should contact GippSport E: or Phone 5135 8335