Our Covid Safe Plan

Covid-19 standards, guidelines, information and resources
* Page updated May 28 2021

GippSport remains open and available to support the Gippsland community sport sector, our members and stakeholders as we have been throughout the pandemic.  We are committed to keeping our programs and services available, implementing CovidSAFE practices and utilising technology where possible. 

Our team continually reviews the Victorian Government guidelines, ensuring we make all the necessary adjustments to meet and comply with the required DHHS guidelines and CovidSAFE requirements.

We look forward to working with you and supporting the Gippsland community when you are ready. Please review this page for more information on GippSport’s COVID-19 policies and procedures as well as helpful information and resources.

Physical Distancing

In line with the current guidelines, we are operating with a hybrid of remote working arrangements and some office work. We are implementing workplace bubbles as we transition to Covid-normal operations. We will be operating with reduced density of seating in communal office and meeting areas. We are reminding our staff, communities and groups that we work with to practice good hygiene and maintain 1.5 meters distance.

Increased Hygiene & Cleaning

In addition to the regular cleaning regime implemented at all of our office sites, we will be implementing additional cleans of high traffic areas and essential program equipment that is required to be shared during sessions. We encourage all staff and participants to use the hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes and tissues as provided.

Health & Wellbeing

As we return to work, programs and our capacity building activities we ask that all Gippslander’s practise self-care and good hygiene. If you feel unwell, please stay at home. Help us and other members of our community by maintaining physical distancing so we can provide a CovidSAFE operation for everyone. Finally, we ask that you inform us if you contract COVID-19 if you have worked with us and assist us with contact tracing using our CovidComply app.

Sector Support

We continue to support the Gippsland community sport sector by providing services remotely. We offer a range of virtual services to support you and your club, league or association while we navigate a return to community sport. As the Victorian community progress through the ‘Steps’ we’ll be adjusting the way we work, ensuring compliance, and supporting your clubs to return to play. The recent 'step' also allows us to host and facilitate small group meetings (up to 10ppl) where covidSAFE practices can be implemented.


We encourage the Gippsland community sport sector to keep an eye out for notifications on our GippSport website & social media channels regarding up to date information from the Victorian Government about the current restrictions. Our team will continue to provide our community updates via regular email and other communication with new information, developments and resources to support you, your club, league or association. How we work with you all will be different to what it was in 2019, and we commit to advising you of how we will work in a CovidSAFE way

Community Programs & Events

We look forward to being able to host community programs and events as we progress to Covid normal. The recent announcements by the Victorian Government have been welcomed for the community sport sector. We are implementing a return to community programs and activity in line with the current DHHS advice. The current guidelines and directions for the re-start of community sport & related activity are available here:

Our current work status:

We look forward to working with you and supporting the Gippsland community when you are ready. Please review this page for more information on GippSport’s COVID-19 policies and procedures as well as helpful information and resources.

Work Area/Type Status Description
Club Support


We are utilising technology to work with & support clubs, leagues and associations. We utilise Microsoft Teams as our primary tool, however can utilise a range of tools if Teams is not suitable.
Workshops & training

Face to face: On hold

Online: Open

As of May 28 2021, our face to face community workshops, RSA training ect. are postpone. We are still providing workshops & training online.
Sport & Physical Activity Programs

On Hold

As of May 28 2021, our face to face Sport and Active Recreation programs are postponed.

Our CovidSAFE policies & procedures

GippSport CovidSAFE Plan

GippSport Return to Programming Framework

GippSport Site Closure Procedure

GippSport Suspected Case Process

Return to work and community sport after COVID-19

Many clubs, leagues, associations & organisations adapted to COVID-19 by working remotely and adopting technology to help staff and team members connect virtually. As we as an organisation transition ourselves to post Covid operation, we are here to help you transition to your covidSAFE operation as well.

Our team is available to assist with:

  • Supporting the development of Return to Play plans
  • Helping to understand & implement the current Covid restrictions
  • Liaising with Local Government around facility access
  • Implementing & understanding your State Sporting Association CovidSAFE documentation

If you would like assistance navigating a return to sport, and/or any other community sport support case, please contact us at info@gippsport.com.au and we will direct you to the most appropriate coordinator to work with you.