It’s what happens when people and organisations call on a collective of donors to help fund projects. Crowdfunding has raised hundreds of millions of dollars across industries such as technology, innovation, sport, music and the arts.

Crowdfunding is not meant for ongoing fundraising. It is usually for a specific project.  With this in mind consider the following:

·  Have a particular goal in mind — a new piece of equipment, a new building

·  Predict that the goal is exciting, moving, or fun that people will want to support and tell their       friends about.

·  You need the skills to present the idea in an attractive way

·  You need supporters who will ask friends and connections to give.

Don’t be intimidated by the tradition of giving perks to people who donate. You’re a sports club, so no one expects expensive thank-you gifts. Here are some ideas for your donors:

·  A thank you email for $5

·  A photograph of your team $10

·  A signed club shirt $100

·  A club shirt $50

·  An individual coaching session

·  A group coaching session

·  An invitation to the coaches’ box on game day

·  Naming rights to one match

Whatever your imagination comes up with is suitable and you may be able to obtain some assistance from current sponsors with venue vouchers, discounted services etc.

To learn more about and choose from among the various Crowdfunding sites, visit them yourself. Take a careful look at each site’s features, fees, ease of use, terms, and level of success being achieved by other clubs. Then, when you’re ready to plan your campaign, pretend you’re a potential donor, and have a look at the various projects and campaigns vying for funding. The “most popular” projects will give you a sense of whether yours might measure up.

Most basic crowd-funding sites are websites that allow your club to set up an online fundraising campaign based around a fundraising page, and accept money directly from that page using the website’s own credit card processor.  You usually have to set a fund raising amount and a time limit.

Some sites for consideration are Teambus and Sportaroo and Pozible