Day2Day Rewards has been created to make it very very simple for Grassroots sporting clubs to make some extra money with little to no effort on your behalf. No more sausage sizzles every week, no more sending big boxes of chocolates to on sell. Day2Day Rewards is a discount card that is sold through sporting clubs like yours, and when a member is to purchase a card online for $20 at, 25% of the price ($5) will be donated back to their club. EASY.

Once the card is paid for, within a few days that member will receive a welcome letter with their new Day2Day Rewards discount card in it. They will then have hundreds of offers/discounts they can use on a daily basis for 12 months while also feeling great for giving back to their local club. Deals and discounts will be added everyday and they include Movie tickets, Food, Retail, Travel etc, etc. So i was hoping you could send this info out to all your club associations who are looking to create a new and simple way to fundraise.

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