Deadly Sport Gippsland – Play Strong, Live Long

‘Deadly Sport Gippsland’ is the name of GippSports’ program that aims to improve the health and life expectancy of the Aboriginal community via a Social Marketing Strategy.

Our newly appointed staff are currently liaising with a range of community agencies and community groups to identify key health messages and stories that promote good health within the Aboriginal community.

If your club has a player, program or event that promotes inclusion, health and participation, the team would be pleased to showcase this in a YouTube video and online promotion.

The program also announced a small grants program, funded with support from Gippsland Medicare Local.  This grant provides some scope for Sporting Clubs to partner with Aboriginal organisations to access up to $5000 (GST exclusive) for activities and events that encourage physical activity and healthy lifestyles.  The first round closes on September 12 and guidelines and application forms are available on the GippSport website.

Over the coming weeks you will see this program develop a strong social media presence and we encourage you to actively support the campaign.