Deadly Sport Gippsland is the Sport and Health Social Marketing Strategy for the Gippsland Aboriginal Community.

The past month has seen the program really take off, with a following of over 300 in the first month on Facebook.  The YouTube videos have been a huge hit within the Gippsland region with over 2,500 views.

The program has held and formed its first stakeholder’s reference group, in which helps to provide guidance, support and feedback on the program and Deadly Sport Gippsland now has it’s own website and newsletter.

We would love to hear some good news stories amongst your clubs whether you’ve had an Indigenous player excel this past season or if the club has taken a stand on racism in sport, let us know.

We are keen to hear of any key Indigenous programs and events happening across the region, as we aim to develop a regional newsletter and also have our online calendar of events.

The newsletter will be distributed via email at the end of each month, with a deadline of the 25th of each month to

We are looking forward to heading out and about over the coming months and getting to know our players participating in all sports and events and living healthy lifestyles.

For more information check out our website and sign up to our newsletter!

Deadly Sport Gippsland Website