This term, junior students from Sale Specialist School are enjoying trying for the first time Calisthenics.

Over the last two weeks Alex Otzen form the East Gippsland Calisthenics Club has been facilitating sessions at the school, with students quickly getting the hang of movement to music and using the various equipment.

Calisthenics is an artistic sport which combines movements from ballet, rhythmic gymnastics, dancing, as well as singing and acting in a team-based environment.  The students are developing strength, flexibility, coordination, teamwork skills and self-confidence as they learn team routines to music.  They will have the opportunity to present these routines in concerts and festivals!

The East Gippsland Calisthenics club prides itself on being a low-cost and inclusive dance provider, welcoming pupils of all-abilities and all experience.  Classes are held at Delbridge Hall, 149 Cunninghame Street, Sale on Mondays with the first class free!:

  • Pre-Primary Tots – 10-10:45am (introductory price $50/term)
  • Under 10s – 4:30-5:30pm (introductory price $70/term)
  • Under 15s – 5:45-7pm (introductory price $70/term)

Contact Alex Otzen for more information on, or contact Brenton from GippSport on 0447358330 or