Since the HSE program launched in September 2012 there have been 11 clubs sign up to program in East Gippsland. They have “Given their club the edge” and ensured their club will move forward by creating healthier sporting environments for their members, players and supporters.

There have been some significant changes implemented by these clubs over the last year ensuring their club is sustainable on & off the field into the future. The St Mary’s Nagle cricket club have acquired two grants while in the program, including a Volunteer grant and an Active Club Grant which will be used to purchase portable shade to help spectators, members and players shelter from the sun and harmful UV rays during play. By completing the UV module and Sun Smart shade audit as part of the program, the documents were used to support the clubs ultimately successful applications.

Swifts Creek Football Club noted that healthy eating was a key module for them.   They started the program by auditing their canteen menu and are preparing to make some healthy changes to their menu. The clubs new canteen manager drove this change by researching other canteens in the area to see what they offered and eventually brought in the idea of offering a different healthy option each home game. By doing this, the club has made some steps forward into gauging what their members want at the canteen and are providing a range of healthier options.

The Lindenow South Cricket and Football club have taken the first steps in providing their clubs with safer serving of alcohol by joining the Australian Drug foundations Good Sports program. This program helps educate the club about ways to safely serve alcohol, provides advice on liquor licences and clubs’ obligations when serving alcohol, as well as some ideas for alternative raffle prizes and when hosting social functions.

Other clubs in the program continuing to change their club environments are Lucknow football Netball club who are starting work on healthy eating in their canteens, Lakes Entrance Football Netball club, Orbost Snowy Rovers Football Netball clubn Bruthen Cricket Club and Bairnsdale Football Netball club who are looking to improve Injury prevention measures. Bairnsdale Tennis club and East Gippsland Waterdragons  are creating a more welcoming and inclusive environment at their club.

For more information on the Healthy Sporting Environment program in East Gippsland please contact Matt Ogilvie on 0428 543 403 or contact us HERE.

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