(RSA) Training Requirements

  • Certain club liquor licences have a condition endorsed on their licence that requires club committee members and volunteers who are responsible for the service of alcohol, to complete an approved (RSA) course.
  • It is important to check your club’s licence to see if it has a condition relating to (RSA) training.
  • Most Club licences (restricted, limited and full for example) do not require bar servers to have their (RSA), but it is highly recommended.  The Licensee must, however, have their (RSA).
  • If you are part of the Good Sports program, bar servers must have an RSA.

Refresher course

  • If your club has an (RSA) training condition on its licence, the club committee members must ensure that the relevant persons update their training every three years.
  • To update your (RSA) training knowledge, complete the (RSA) online refresher course do to available at Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation.

Important points

  • If it is not mandatory for you to have an (RSA) in Victoria unless it is written into your licence conditions.
  • If you do have an (RSA) certificate it is always current unless the point above applies and then you are required to do a refresher course.
  • If you were to work in an area where the licence did require you to have your (RSA), and your training was completed more than three years ago, you would need to do a refresher course.
  • Refresher courses are not required if you are part of the Good sports program, but it is highly recommended.

Benefits of (RSA)

Club committees should strive to avoid problems caused by intoxicated members and guests. It is in the club committee and community’s interest to minimise problem drinking to ensure that:

  • The overall atmosphere of the club is pleasant
  • The club enjoys a good reputation with the neighbourhood and community
  • There is no damage to the club’s premises
  • Potential legal problems are avoided
  • There is less turnover of volunteers, and
  • Police attendance is not required.

When the service of alcohol is managed responsibly, club members and visitors feel safe, and inclined to participate more in club activities and events.