GippSport conducted its twenty- second Annual General Meeting on 16 October 2013. The audited financial statements for 2012-13 were presented and approved. The news rules of GippSport Incorporated, framed in accordance with the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012, were adopted. In addition an Annual Report was presented which can be viewed on the About Us page of our GippSport website.

All positions on the GippSport Board of Management were filled. The membership is as follows:

Chair: Ricky Ross
Deputy Chair: John Brookes
Executive Member: Jamey Mullen
Board Members: Carolyne Boothman, Julie Foat, Anne-Maree Kaser, Gabrielle McBain, Ian Murphy, John Tatterson
Executive Officer (Secretary/Treasurer): Barry Switzer – ex-officio non-voting

After serving on the GippSport Board for 15 years Mick Meyer has resigned. His significant contribution to GippSport was acknowledged at the AGM. In his capacity as Senior Development Coordinator (Sport and Recreation Victoria) he will continue to manage the contracts GippSport has to conduct the Access for All Abilities Program and the Regional Sport and Recreation Program.