The VicHealth Regional Sport Program will support growth in physical activity participation through sport, while also increasing the availability and supply of water in community sport. VicHealth will achieve this by empowering Regional Sports Assemblies, including GippSport, to deliver smart and clever approaches to get more people healthy through sport.


  • VicHealth supports action that integrates regular physical activity into the daily lives of all Victorians.
  • Through the VicHealth Regional Sport Program, GippSport will focus on developing new opportunities to increase the number of people participating in sport with a particular focus on those currently inactive or who have low levels of physical activity.
  • Many Australian adults and children do not meet the national physical activity guidelines. We want to encourage more people to engage in physical activity through club and organized sport in Gippsland. This can result in better physical, mental and social health.
  • Regular physical activity is a key factor in promoting good health and preventing chronic disease, however less than a third of Australians are getting enough to benefit their health.
  • The Victorian Health Monitor (*Department of Health, 2012) found that rural Victorians were more likely to be obese, or affected by cardiovascular disease than metropolitan Victorians. Further, the number of Victorians getting adequate amounts of physical activity was higher among metropolitan Victorians than rural Victorians.
  • Participation trends in sport and physical activity are shifting. The Victorian Population Health Survey reports that more than one in four persons was a member of a sports group, yet the “proportion of all people who were members of a sports club declined significantly between 2003 and 2010” (# Department of Health, 2012).
  • In response to this shift GippSport staff will create new ways to get people in Gippsland playing sport, having fun and meeting people.


  • Community sport can enable healthy lifestyles through championing and supporting water as the beverage of choice
  • Through the VicHealth Regional Sport Program GippSport will focus on making changes to policies and practices to make water the beverage of choice in Gippsland sports clubs, leagues and facilities.
  • Through VicHealth’s Healthy Sporting Environments program, community sports club have demonstrated success in providing healthy and welcoming environments for their participants and the broader community. Examples include UV protection, alcohol, injury prevention and smoking.
  • Focusing on water provides an opportunity for GippSport to demonstrate leadership and champion health by addressing an emerging issue.

GippSport staff who will be responsible for implementing the VicHealth Regional Sport Program in Gippsland over the next three years are:

Dawn Martin based at Gippsland Regional Sports Complex in Sale

Jaquie Nethercote based at Bairnsdale City Oval

Gene Parini based at GML Office in Inverloch

Chris Stanlake based at Latrobe Leisure Moe Newborough