The VicHealth Healthy Sporting Environments (HSE) Program has come to an end.   Over the last three years 51 sporting clubs in the Gippsland Region have participated in the VicHealth Healthy Sporting Environments (HSE) Program. Approximately 250 clubs were involved in the program across rural and regional Victoria. All of the Gippsland clubs have worked with GippSport staff in an attempt to establish and improve the health of their club.

Modules were created by VicHealth to assist clubs to focus on six areas.  Responsible Use of Alcohol, Healthy Eating, Reducing Tobacco Use, UV Protection, Injury Prevention and Management and Inclusion, Safety and Support.

The clubs involved are to be congratulated for their participation as there are many things required of volunteers and there was certainly some extra work associated with HSE. Many clubs demonstrated a high level of understanding of the importance and benefits of each module. The majority of clubs made good progress implementing action items in some modules over the course of the program. Clearly it was not possible for clubs to carry out all action items in each module over the three year period. It is hoped that clubs will continue to work through the modules at their own pace in the future.

GippSport staff have been holding a final meeting with HSE clubs over the last few weeks and presenting certificates to acknowledge their participation. Once again congratulations to those leaders who had the vision to participate in the best interests of their club and their members.

The HSE program concludes on 30 June 2015.

From 1 July 2015 VicHealth will be funding Regional Sports Assemblies, including GippSport, for the next three years to conduct a new Regional Sport Program. The focus of the program will be to engage inactive and somewhat inactive people in sport and physical activity. The other focus will centre round making water the beverage of choice in regional sport and physical activity. GippSport staff will be instigating, facilitating and supporting activities in the Gippsland Region to meet the objectives of the program. We are looking forward to another three year partnership with VicHealth to assist in achieving the objectives of their Action Agenda. VicHealth and GippSport are committed to supporting initiatives that assist individuals, communities, workplaces and broader society to improve health and wellbeing.