Regional Sports Assemblies (RSA) are unique to rural and regional Victoria. GippSport is one of nine RSA’s servicing community sporting clubs across the state. Currently the programs being rolled out by GippSport include Access for All Abilities, Regional Sport & Recreation, Healthy Sporting Environments, Deadly Sport Gippsland and Goodsports.  Read on to find out how your club or organisation can link in with these programs.

ACCESS FOR ALL ABILITIES which is funded by the State Government through Sport and Recreation Victoria (SRV). This program seeks to build the capacity of the Sport and Recreation sector to deliver sustainable inclusive participation outcomes. It also seeks to influence the planning and development of accessible and inclusive sport and recreation environments, policies and strategies. An important aspect of this program is the promotion of awareness of the availability and benefits of active participation for people of all abilities. GippSport currently has two full time staff members working in this space.

REGIONAL SPORT AND RECREATION PROGRAM (RSRP) which is also funded by the State Government through (SRV). This program aims to provide direct support to local sporting organizations and includes the provision of training and workshops. Support is also provided to clubs when applying for grants and a monthly e news and website ( keeps clubs fully informed of the latest developments in the sport and recreation sector. Every effort is also made to foster strong partnerships with State Sporting Associations (SSA) and local associations and leagues and local government to achieve positive outcomes. There are four GippSport Program Coordinators working in the RSR program in the Gippsland Region. They encourage clubs to make use of an online program called Club Help. GippSport also offers clubs the opportunity to become involved in the Thank You Volunteer Program and the Most Disciplined Player Program.

HEALTHY SPORTING ENVIRONMENTS (HSE) which is funded by VicHealth. This program will finish on 30 June 2015 after a three year funding period. Fifty-one clubs in the Gippsland signed up to this program. Clubs have worked through the standards in responsible use of alcohol, UV protection, inclusion, safety and support, reducing tobacco use, healthy eating and injury prevention and management. A number of videos and case studies are being launched which tell a number of positive stories of the success clubs have achieved through their involvement in the HSE program. VicHealth is currently considering continued funding of RSA’s and an announcement will be made very soon.

DEADLY SPORT GIPPSLAND (DSG) is funded by the Victorian Department of Health. This a new and unique program which GippSport decided to undertake in July 2014. This sport and health social marketing strategy is aimed at encouraging and supporting positive lifestyle modifications among the Gippsland Aboriginal community in areas including healthy eating, smoking, alcohol consumption and cancer screening participation. A team including a Digital Journalist/Manager and Project Officer have been involved since the program’s inception. A website ( has been developed as well as Facebook ( sport) and a youtube channel. Gippsland Medicare Local has also contributed funding towards a grants program.

GOOD SPORTS which is funded by the Australian Drug Foundation (ADF). This program aims to assist sporting clubs to manage alcohol responsibly. GippSport also facilitates the conduct of Responsible Service of Alcohol programs for sporting clubs. GippSport has been a Community Partner with Good Sports for many years and has delivered the program to 178 clubs across the Gippsland Region. This partnership is about to change dramatically as all Level 3 clubs are now being asked to complete their annual monitoring process online. This will mean they will not receive a visit from their GippSport Program Coordinator. This is very high impact for GippSport as we currently have 113 Level 3 Clubs on our books. The future of the Community Partnership after 30 June 2015 is presently the subject of considerable discussion.

GippSport staff members are based in Moe Newborough, Inverloch, Sale and Bairnsdale and welcome contact from all sporting clubs. Any support provided is free of charge and is carried out in a non- threatening manner with an understanding that the majority of sporting clubs are run by hard working volunteers.