Sport & Health Social Marketing Strategy

GippSport will be funded by the Department of Health to take lead responsibility for delivering a “Sport and Health Social Marketing Strategy” initiative over the next two years. As the funded organization GippSport will establish a social marketing team, consisting of two people (full time), one of whom must be Aboriginal, to develop partnerships with local sporting and health organizations, and develop a social marketing strategy around the identified Koolin Balit priorities, for the whole Gippsland Region.

The aims of the project are to:

  • Ensure local programs are supported by a population based social marketing campaign reaching a large proportion of the Gippsland Aboriginal community.
  • Improve healthy lifestyle factors with related benefits to the prevalence of chronic disease, cancer and other health conditions – and ultimately increased life expectancy.
  • Build the capacity of local sporting and health organizations, utilizing technology to engage the Aboriginal community in health self-management and lifestyle modification.
  • Secure key community events that promote physical activity and participation in sport.

Aboriginal Victorians are high users of mobile telephones and “smart phones” are often the main device used for accessing the internet. The Aboriginal community are also high users of social media, in particular “facebook”. This “makes sense” in the context of the community being strongly connected, relatively small ( “everyone knows everyone”), but still widely dispersed across the landscape – so social media is a logical solution to enable the community to connect in these circumstances.

These activities all assist with the Koolin Balit objectives relating to physical activity and obesity – however this program will seek to leverage off the communities interest in sport, to develop and use a social marketing platform using social media as the vehicle for the behaviour change messages.

GippSport will be advertising the two full time positions next week and job descriptions will be available on the website for download at or contact can be made with Barry Switzer (Executive Officer) at or on mobile: 0408 598 481.