GippSport logoAccording to VicSport Chief Executive Officer Mark McCallion at the community level the increased regulatory burden now placed on local sport administrators has increased the need for good governance. Risk management and compliance requirements make it virtually impossible for an organization to run without structured processes in place. McCallion also believes the increased focus on governance is also highlighting the need for sports administrators to be more equipped to manage in an increasingly complex environment.

Community sporting clubs are also facing significant challenges in the areas of governance, succession planning, budgeting, risk management, injury prevention and reporting.  As well there is very strong encouragement from the Minister for Sport and Recreation Hugh Delahunty for clubs to become more “welcoming and inclusive”.

Regional Sports Assemblies, like GippSport, are available to provide support to clubs in these areas. Unfortunately many clubs do not know where to go when they require assistance. There are now a number of resources and tools which are available to assist clubs. “Club Help” is a very accessible online tool which enables clubs to fully understand where they are at and assists in determining priorities for future action. GippSport staff members are available, free of charge, to provide additional support to clubs. GippSport, which is about to launch a new website, also provides information about the latest grants available and is very happy to advise on the application process.

GippSport also has Access for All Abilities staff members who are keen to connect with clubs to encourage people with disabilities to engage in community sport and recreation. These staff members will provide support around inclusion strategies, coaching and appropriate activities.

One of the problems is that clubs are reluctant to ask for this support as it may mean more work, time and effort. It is recognized that the majority of leaders and committee members in our clubs are volunteers. There is a very strong argument to say that the time and effort put in will be worthwhile at the end of the day.

Barry Switzer

Barry Switzer
Executive Officer GippSport
September 2013