Fit Football has officially kicked-off in Inverloch.  Two sessions in and already there are a committed bunch who have incorporated it into their regular weekly exercise routine.

The Inverloch program happens every Friday morning at 9.15am.  Many of the participants are parents so the timing is straight after school drop off.  Fit Football is a new group based soccer fitness program for people who don’t have the time or commitment to play competition.  “Have a ball getting fit” is the catch phrase used to promote the program.  No previous experience in soccer or personal training is required.

Program facilitator Kathy Lagoudis agrees with the philosophy, “I’m not into heavy exercise classes myself so when this soccer based exercise program was explained to me I knew that it would attract those that just want to have some casual fun whilst learning some new skills.  The exercise is just the bonus.”

This exciting new initiative is a partnership between Football Federation Victoria, GippSport and local club the Inverloch Stars.  For anyone interested in participating or finding out more contact GippSport on (03) 5135 8335 or