Our Fundraising4Sport (F4S) program raises funds for sporting and community clubs and organisations of all sizes for projects that seek to develop sport and/or increase participation.

Whether you’re raising money to build a new clubhouse or team rooms, upgrade lighting or purchase sports equipment, or need additional funding to grow participation, enhance performance or support team travel, the F4S program is a great way to attract donors.

Here’s how it works

You have a funding need and decide to embark on a campaign to raise funds. If you register your organisation and project with the ASF, donations are made to the ASF, allowing donors to use our tax deductible status to claim tax relief for any donation of $2 or more. Donors nominate your project as their preferred beneficiary and we grant monies raised to your project (for details see our Terms & Conditions).

Everyone benefits – your donors are able to claim tax deductions for their donations and our fundraising resources and guidance are available to help ensure the success of the fundraising campaign. All projects registered with the ASF are showcased on our website, complete with photographs and other information to attract donors, and we accept donations using our online donation facilities, which makes it even easier for donors to pledge their support!

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