With funding from the Latrobe Valley Authority, Basketball Victoria appointed GippSport to develop the Gippsland Basketball Participation and Elite Pathways Project.  GippSport is the Regional Sports Assembly and Senior Sports Consultant Michelle Harris lead the project with extensive involvement from a Project Steering Group throughout 2020.  The Steering group involved other key stakeholders including Sport & Recreation Victoria, Basketball Associations, Latrobe City Council and Energy Basketball.

There was very broad consultation, research and detailed planning undertaken throughout to ensure that the project considered the many different factors impacting on community and elite basketball in Gippsland. 

 We also explored the financial sustainability and potential partners to ensure that an elite pathway is inclusive, Gippsland wide and supported by the many stakeholders required to achieve long term success.

The project commenced in February 2020 and community consultation was undertaken through surveys (March)  and then feedback on Draft documents in (July).  Then a series of workshops were undertaken to inform the strategy throughout the end of 2020. All of the project documents including the Final Plan can be found on this website.

We would like to thank everyone who was involved in the project as we believe that it was an enormous success.

Since completion of the plan, we have been seeking further funding to help us implement the report to ensure at we are able to deliver the very important actions without increasing the burden onto volunteers post COVID 19.

This is a long term plan to bring the whole Gippsland Basketball community along with the journey.  We will be creating a Gippsland Basketball Advisory Board to implement the plan over the coming months.

If you would like more information about this project please contact Jodie Harlow, Basketball Victoria’s Basketball Development Officer – Greater South East Region, including Gippsland, or Michelle Harris at GippSport Community Solutions.

The Report

The Gippsland Plan – Main Report

Appendix 1- Implementation Plan

Appendix 2 – Issues and Opportunities Paper

Appendix 3- Participation Data

Appendix 4- Literature Review Summary

Appendix 5- Stadium Facility List

Appendix 6- Survey Responses

Appendix 7- Consultation List

Appendix 8- CGBA – Business Plan – Nov 2020

For further, please contact:

Project Manager – Jodie Harlow
Basketball Victoria Development Officer – Greater South East Region

Email: Jodie.Harlow@bvcc.net.au
Mobile: 0435 730 899

Michelle Harris
Senior Sports Consultant- GippSport Community Solutions

Email- michelle@gippsport.com.au
Mobile- 0458 145 596