Match Report by: Sam Horner

Round 2 of the Fida Football league division 2 continued on the weekend with the contest between Gippsland and Mazenod at Mazenod.  Both teams were coming off first round losses and wanted to start the game off well.  Mazenod did exactly that scoring 4 goals to 1 in the first quarter.

The second quarter was more evenly matched with Gippsland starting to get the ball inside their 50 and scoring 2 goals through Dave Bowen and Paddy Maurice, this trimmed the margin a little bit.

The third quarter was Mazenod’s quarter as much as Gippsland players like Sam Horner, Kelvin Walters, Jamie Brewington and Michael Scholz tried to get the ball inside 50 Mazenod just had the answers.

In the fourth quarter Gippsland finally kicked a goal, their first for the second half, through Paddy Maurice but Mazenod were far too strong on the day running out 75 point winners.

Final scores:
Mazenod: 15.10.100
Gippsland: 4.1.25

Goal kickers:
Paddy Maurice 2 Dave Bowen 1 Matt Keily 1
Sam Horner Paddy Maurice Jamie Brewington Michael Scholz Kelvin Walters Matt Cartwright