Round 4, May 25th – Match Summary

Round 4 of the FIDA Football League continued Sunday the 25th of May at Ringwood for the clash between Gippsland and Ringwood. The first quarter was evenly matched with Gippsland scoring goals through Kelvin Walters and Dave Bowen.

The second quarter Gippsland got out to a two goal lead with goals to Kelvin Walters Sam Horner and Steven Schulz but the numbers were heavily against Gippsland but that didn’t stop them from playing really good footy.

The third quarter was very evenly matched with Harley Pritchard working well in the forward line along with Andy Dunn and Dave Bowen and at 3 quarter time the scores were level.

The fourth quarter Gippsland outscored Ringwood 4 goals to 2 and ran away with a 15 point win over Ringwood.

The final scores were:
Gippsland: 9.16.70
Ringwood: 7.13.55

Goal kickers:
Gippsland: Kelvin Walters 3 Dave Bowen 2 Matt Kiely 1 Sam Horner 1 Matt Cartwright 1 Steven Schulz 1

Gippsland: Sam Horner Kelvin Walters Jamie Brewington Steven Schulz Matt Cartwright Dave Bowen

Round 5, June 1st – Match Summary

Round 5 of the FIDA football league continued with Lower Plenty hosting Gippsland at Lower Plenty. Going into the game both teams had great starts to the year and promised to be a good game the first quarter Gippsland kicked 3 goals to 1 Sam Horner kicked 2 and Dave Bowen kicked 1 to take a 15 point lead at quarter time.

The second quarter was Gippsland’s quarter even though they were kicking with the wind Gippsland kicked 5 goals through Jamie Brewington Kelvin Walters and Dave Bowen kicked 3 in the quarter.

The third quarter showed why it is known as the premiership quarter Gippsland were brilliant pressuring Lower Plenty and kicking 3 goals to 1 in the third quarter.

The fourth quarter was a good one again with one of the original players from the start Paddy Maurice going forward and kicking 2 goals and Steve Schulz also chipped in with 2 goals.

The final scores:

Gippsland:  16.13.109
Lower Plenty: 3.3.21

Goal kickers: Dave Bowen 5 Kelvin Walters 3 Sam Horner 2 Paddy Maurice 2 Steven Schulz 2 Jamie Brewington 1 Matt Keily 1

: Dave Bowen Andy Dunn Sam Horner Kelvin Walters Paddy Maurice Jamie Brewington Matt Cartwright

FIDA Ladder Rd 5