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Why is it important for everybody to have the chance to participate?

Sport isn’t all about winning premierships. A positive club culture that embraces inclusivity, including supporting People with a Disability (PwD) is more rewarding. Just over

The positive affect that sport can have on your mental health and why you need to get involved in a sports club NOW.

We all know the physical benefits of participating in sport – increased cardiovascular fitness, stronger muscles and bones, lowered blood pressure and cholesterol, improved coordination

What is your most memorable experience involving a coach?

Mine was missing out on state team selection as a 15-year-old without any one-to-one feedback. It was the first time I had been overlooked for

Social Distancing AGM’s

Sporting Club Annual General Meetings …. I’ve attended many over the years and they’ve pretty much always been the same – interested club members come

The importance of exercise…..right now!

Exercise. It can be a love-hate relationship. In the current climate, it is more important than ever. I think we all have an understanding of

What are you doing online to maintain your love for sport?

We are pretty much in this all together, all on the same team.  During these times of restrictions that Covid-19 has presented us we are