The Glengarry Cricket Club has been proud to be associated with the VicHealth – Healthy Sporting Environments (HSE) program over the past three years.

Glengarry Cricket Club President Barry Little believes the HSE program guided the club. “The program has provided direction and support on a number of key areas – these include promotion and implementation of healthy eating options, reduction in tobacco and alcohol use, UV protection, inclusion practises and injury management,” Mr Little said.

 Throughout the three years of implementing the HSE program the members could see the benefits to the club “initially the members were a bit hesitant but after some education they now realise that the club is looking at the best interests of its members.”

“Since joining the program the club has introduced, a code of conduct that all players sign off on, removed unhealthy food items, educated players around the importance of being sun smart at both training and on game day. First Aid kits, emergency contacts and processes are in place if required.”

Moving forward the club has committed to continuing on improving club practises. “We will continue to work through the next phase of our key health modules to further strengthen the club which in turn will see member retention. Hopefully other members of the community will join our club, because of its standing within the community,” Mr Little concluded.

GippSport Program Coordinator Chris Stanlake praised the efforts of the Committee of Management for their time and commitment implementing the HSE program. “The Glengarry Cricket Club should be congratulated on what they have accomplished over the past three years.”

“On top of already volunteering time to the club, the Committee of Management have taken on extra to make sure that the club is now a healthy environment to be a part of. The club’s achievements have been for the benefit of not only their members but the whole community,” Mr Stanlake added.