Grants are one of a valuable range of fundraising options available to sporting clubs, the others being sponsorship and internal fundraising. Sporting clubs are encouraged to maintain an annual diary as many grants are often released each year. This will mean you are well prepared when grants come up.

It’s important that clubs realise that grants are not a hand-out, but rather are attached to the achievement of desired outcomes as specified by the funding body. Clubs need to be careful not to ‘grant grab’ for the sake of it but rather think about the club’s future directions and how a grant project could support this.

Helpful Information

Don’t forget that our GippSport program coordinators are funded to provide assistance to clubs in applying for grants. If you have any questions or require assistance with the application please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Current Available Grants

The WorkSafe Club Safety Fund

The WorkSafe Club Safety Fund has been established to provide financial assistance to football and netball clubs to make improvements to the safety of their

Sunsuper Dreams for a Better World Community Grants

Sunsuper’s community grants are here to give you the leg up, a helping hand to make your dream a reality. If your not-for-profit organisation or

SUEZ Community Grants 2019

The purpose of the SUEZ Community Grants Program is to identify local initiatives that will actively contribute to the sustainable well-being of Australian communities, either

Slater Gordon Community Fund

The Slater and Gordon Community Fund is a philanthropic fund which offers grants to community groups in three key areas of focus. The three key

Hyundai Goals for Grassroots

Hyundai Goals for Grassroots was created to provide financial assistance to junior football clubs and encourage kids to play the sport throughout local communities across