The Meeniyan Golf Club has made some great changes over the past 3 years during it’s involvement in the VicHealth Healthy Sporting Environments Program.  None more so than the Healthy Eating section. The four minute video showcases the improvements made to it’s food preparation practices, menu changes and promotion of healthy options.

The club reviewed it’s twilight menu which attracts many members and non-members to Friday night golf.  Tweaks to the menu mean there are salads and fruit now available and the canteen list was also revised.  Clubhouse Manager Denise Poletti believes the overall awareness of health issues has risen considerably within the club, “We now have a canteen order form and board which highlights the healthy options.  It is a small change but brings members attention to the items that are better for them.  In the end it is the customers choice but by raising the awareness we feel we are doing the right thing.”

As part of the program the club got hosted a food handling course for eight volunteers which has increased the standard of food hygiene.

Meeniyan Golf Club has also done some great work in the other areas of the program including UV Protection, Alcohol Management, Injury Prevention and Management and Inclusion.  The legacy of the good work will continue beyond the program through policy and practical changes that have been made.

Healthier Options on the menu at Meeniyan Golf Club