Gippsland has 51 clubs in the VicHealth Healthy Sporting Environments program.  Many of these clubs will be looking at starting a new season in the next month.  This is a great opportunity to review your menu in your canteen or for any other meals and snacks you provide.  How can your range of choices that you offer to your members and the community become healthier?  Here are a few ideas.

Substitute ingredients:

Low-fat spreads (low-fat mayonnaise, mustard, humus, avocado) instead of margarine or butter on sandwiches/rolls.

Low-fat milk for tea, coffee, milkshakes etc. instead of full cream milk

Low-fat and salt-reduced stocks in soups and sauces

Using wholegrain or wholemeal rolls and bread instead of white for sandwiches, hot dogs and hamburgers

Using reduced-fat cheese

Lean meats in sandwiches

Cooking methods:

Steaming – dim sims, hot dogs

Stir frying


Baking – for example bake snitzels instead of deep frying

Portion Sizes:

Small bags of chips – 30 gram instead of 50 gram

Small soft drink sizes – 375 ml instead of 600 ml

Small chocolate bar lines

Reduce the number of choices for lollies


Healthy options cheaper than unhealthy options

Meal deals for healthy options e.g. Salad roll and water $5.00 compared to pie and soft drink $6.00

Food and Drinks to consider:

Small fruit packs in natural juice

Corn on the cob

Reduced fat milk drinks – small

Baked chicken drumsticks

Unsalted plain nuts – small packets

Pasta and rice dishes with lean meats and tomato based sauces

Pizzas using low fat flat breads, tortillas and topped with vegetables and low fat cheese

Soups using low fat and salt reduced stocks with lots of vegetables

Plain popcorn

Plain or fruit scones – small and offer fruit puree as a topping

Toasted sandwiches – can be frozen and toasted on the day

Diet soft drinks and water

Display and Promotion:

Have healthy options easier to see

Promote healthy options on a menu board, in your club newsletter etc

Have a healthy menu item of the week

GippSport staff are available to help you assess your menu and provide ideas for change.  Contact us on 51358335 or