There are thirteen clubs involved with the VicHealth Healthy Sporting Environments (HSE) program with 8 from South Gippsland and 5 from the Bass Coast local government area.  There is a wide variety of clubs involved in the program ranging from; gymnastics, windsurfing, golf, table tennis and triathlon.

Each club has completed a number of assessments through the Club Help website to see how they manage with regards to alcohol management, reducing tobacco use, UV protection, managing and preventing injuries, healthy eating and being more inclusive of everyone.

Recently three of the HSE clubs were successful in obtaining a Sporting Uniform Grant after completing a SunSmart audit where they identified the need to introduce broad brimmed hats and shirts that increased their UV protection.

The South Coast Stars Soccer Club have been participating in the program for more than a year and completed the Injury Prevention module first as the club had been experiencing some ongoing issues with the senior players being injured throughout the season.  The resources provided by Sports Medicine Australia were very helpful.

The Meeniyan Golf Club have completed a member survey and reviewed their menu and now offer healthier options to their members after a hard day on the course.  Many of the changes needed in the canteens or kitchens at sporting clubs are small like reducing the range of soft drinks on order and or reducing portion sizes but they help to encourage and educate the members on the ways to eat a healthier diet.

Much of the work being done with all of the clubs like the Korumburra Bowling Club or Leongatha Table Tennis Club is looking at ways to welcome new members and ensure that the club is sustainable into the future.  Also volunteer recruitment strategies which is something that all clubs struggle with.

The Bass Coast Triathlon Club is the most recent addition to the program.  While you need to be fit and healthy to compete in triathlons, there are things that the club can do to ensure that the competitors are safe and looked after during the events with heat and hydration policies.

If any clubs would like to get involved with the program or get more information, please contact Michelle Harris on or 56 746 004 or any of the other GippSport staff.