What makes a Healthy Club?

Are you involved at a local sports club?  Do you wonder if your club is the best it can be?

What makes a sports club a healthy one can be surprising, read on to see how your club ranks.

Many factors contribute to the health of a club.

What do healthy sports clubs have in common? Regardless of the sport played, successful clubs have a long, strong history, a commitment to including others, and a family and social focus. They value and reward members, communicate and promote regularly, and have policies that cover all bases, from sun protection to healthy food choices. They provide a valuable service to the local community and give people a place to go for physical and social health.

Communication and marketing

Communication is critical to your club’s health.  ClubHelp has many ideas for communicating with your players and members as well as marketing and promoting your club to the general community, sponsors, supporters and stakeholders.

Drug Information

Being clear about what is acceptable at your club in relation to illegal drugs is important. The Australian Drug Foundation has lots of information and advice about illegal drugs.

Financial viability

Having a strong financial base and processes in place to ensure a range of revenue resources puts your club in a strong position. Find information on revenue sources and help for treasurers to strengthen your club.

Good governance

Making sure you have a well-managed club and adhere to government and sporting code regulations ensures you are here for the long term. ClubHelp provides lots of information on keeping your club on track.

Healthy eating

Guidelines for sports clubs can be found through the Department of Health and Human Services document Healthy choices policy guidelines for sport and recreation centres.

Injury prevention and management

Find good prevention methods to reduce the number of sporting injuries, as well as implement procedures for managing injuries supported by resources from ClubHelp and SmartPlay.

Recruiting and retaining volunteers

Supporting your volunteers is the best way to keep them and also will help gain new volunteers. Volunteering Victoria and ClubHelp have resources that can help you develop your policies.

Reducing tobacco use

Assistance for clubs to implement a plan to reduce smoking and work towards creating a smoke-free venue, including outdoor areas using Quit’s Going Smokefree Outdoors guide for sports clubs.

Responsible use of alcohol

Guided by the Good Sports program, clubs can reduce alcohol-related problems by implementing responsible alcohol management practices that ensure alcohol is not consumed at harmful levels.

UV protection

Find information on education, the provision of sunscreen, shade (conduct a shade audit), sun protective uniforms, and other recommendations under the SunSmart Sports section.

Welcoming everyone

Benefits of welcoming and including everyone may include increased membership, an increase in volunteers, greater funding opportunities, greater diversity, and increased enthusiasm from both members and the broader community. Information on being more welcoming and inclusive is available through ClubHelp.

View case studies of healthy club initiatives by clicking here.

The GippSport team are available to assist clubs to look at any one of these areas. Contact GippSport for further information on 5135 8335 or info@gippsport.com.au