Is junior sport in a good place?  Are we doing enough to provide an environment for kids to enjoy their sport? Can we still win, but play fair? Can we lose and still enjoy the competition?

As a sports community, the majority of clubs, do the right thing.  Parents, coaches and volunteers all play a vital role in allowing kids to play and enjoy sport.

Watching young people develop skills, build friendships and find a sport for life is what local sporting communities provide.  We need to celebrate the great work each club provides, and where necessary, educate those who may have a “win at all costs” attitude.

Interesting facts (But very obvious)

Top 5 reasons why Kids play sport  Australian Sports Commission Sports Coaching Website

According to children, they play sport to

  • Have fun develop fitness
  • Make friends
  • Learn new skills
  • Enjoy competition
  • Be challenged


Clubs can find great resources from Play By The Rules.  Information and guidance on topics such as fair team selection, respect for all and simple tips on building a welcoming environment.

Successful clubs are those with a real culture of support and encouragement regardless of the result.  These clubs tend to have higher membership, greater fundraising capacity and find it easier to get volunteers.  Make sure your club is one of these!