VicHealth Awards winners, Latrobe Streetgames program has been delivering free, accessible sport and recreation activities for teens and young adults across Latrobe City and beyond since September 2018.

Funded by the Latrobe Health Assembly and working together in the Latrobe Innovation Zone, GippSport’s Latrobe Streetgames program responds to research which shows a big drop-off in sports participation at around the age of 14 which endures into adulthood for many people. This drop is even larger for women, gender diverse individuals, and those experiencing barriers such as injury, illness, disability, or financial strains. 

Latrobe Streetgames aims to provide a massive range of free social and modified sports at the right time, right place, and in the right style for many of these young adults across Latrobe City, so they can get active and connected. 

Since end March 2020, Latrobe Streetgames has transitioned to a virtual program. 

If you’re looking for event locations, check Facebook page and the Latrobe Streetgames website calendar for upcoming activities happening around the Latrobe Valley and beyond. 

If you need to contact our Latrobe Streetgames Program coordinator, please try the details below: 

m) 0497 167 946 


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