Leongatha Table Tennis Association has recently welcomed fourteen new junior members and last week they had VicHealth representatives visit to learn what they have been doing to achieve such fantastic results.

The Association joined the VicHealth ‘Healthy Sporting Environments’ Program in October 2012 which is facilitated by GippSport locally and Club Champion Tammy Holwerda believes they are seeing the benefits of the program now.

“We had a chance to assess what we did and take on some suggested improvements.  Members have been trained, tips on promoting our club assessed and through ensuring we have a welcoming and healthy environment the club has been revitalised.  Attracting new members has been another important outcome from this work”

The six areas participating clubs look to work on are responsible use of alcohol, UV protection, healthy eating, reducing tobacco use, inclusion for all and injury prevention and management.

VicHealth Principal Program Officer, Rayoni Nelson was impressed with the club’s progress,

“Proactive sporting clubs, like Leongatha Table Tennis Association, can make positive changes to their facilities and culture so that people have a healthier and enjoyable experience when participating in sport.”

Leongatha Table Tennis is coming to the conclusion of the program but the work does not just stop there as GippSport Program Co-ordinator Gene Parini explains,

“The clubs that have gone through the program and become healthier ones need to put in place ways to review practices, ensure improvements are ongoing and as new members join information needs to be passed on.”

That is what Leongatha Table Tennis will be striving to do over the next twelve months, embedding a club culture which promotes health and who knows, maybe next year that figure of fourteen new members will be even more!

VicHealth LTT Visit