The South Coast Stars Soccer Club recently changed their name to the Inverloch Stars with their move into Inverloch but one thing has stayed unchanged.  Their strong stance on Injury Prevention & Management remains high priority. Practices such as proper warm up and cool downs, promotion of drinking water, obtaining medical information from players and scheduling first aid at all trainings and matches are just a few.  Watch the video to see how the club identified areas of concern during the VicHealth (HSE) program and then put in steps to make improvements.

The first step in the process was to appoint an Injury Prevention & Management Coordinator.  Melissa Gibson-Goldsmith is passionate about Health and Well Being so when approached by the club she was excited.  “It made sense, we are a family orientated club.  Many of us in the Women & Men’s senior teams were either getting back into the sport we love or trying it for the first time.  Doing all we could to prevent injuries is vital and messages like drinking water, warming up properly are good common sense and achievable things for us.”

The impact this has had on the younger age groups is not lost.  “We are trying to build a culture whereby the younger players are learning from good behaviours from the adults.  It’s a whole club approach.  The things we have put in place just happen now.”

In round four this year during wet conditions the club’s processes were put to the test.  Injuries, in all sports do unfortunately happen and on this day they seemed to come thick and fast.  Melissa reflects, “It was a busy day for our first aiders.  There were quite a few injuries and a couple referred to hospital.  I wasn’t there that day so when I got all the positive feedback from those injured that they felt supported and looked after it was a great confirmation of all the hard work the club has done.”

View Injury Prevention & Management Video