Next month is Sip-tember!  The month long  social media campaign will encourage people at clubland to drink more water.  Swapping sugary drinks for water has many health benefits. GippSport is asking interested club’s to make contact with us to join in promoting this to our kids, athletes, coaches, officials and spectators.

Your club’s commitment is simple.  Just share our posts on your own social media promoting positive messages around water consumption.

Building on from last years’ ‘Choose Tap for October’ campaign, the “Sip-tember” campaign will again encourage people to drink more water, preferably from the tap, as it is cheap, accessible and healthy. The health benefits are enormous. Increase in hydration, better performance and weight reduction.  Increasing water intake helps everyone.

Gippsland’s four regional water corporations, along with GippSport and the four Gippsland Primary Care Partnerships have joined forces to promote healthy drinking habits, in this social media campaign labelled “Sip-tember”.   GippSport Program Coordinator Dave Roberts is excited by the impact the campaign can have, “People are always surprised at how much more active they feel when they’re properly hydrated.  It’s a much cheaper option than buying sugary drinks and the health benefits are enormous.”

If your club would like to be involved contact GippSport on (03) 5135 8335 or