Nyora Cricket Club have got many runs on the board over the past two year’s through the VicHealth Healthy Sporting Environments (HSE) program.  From funding for protective cricket gear and wide brimmed hats to reviewed policies that have made the club a more social place to be.  The improvements are leading to a steady culture change.

Club Secretary Shona Lynch believes the program has guided the club and provided some great ideas.  “GippSport has provided the support for us to make changes like new policies around injury prevention, safety and UV protection awareness.”

It isn’t just in these areas that the club has made inroads.  GippSport program Coordinator Gene Parini believes the image of the club has also been enhanced.  “Nyora Cricket Club have a very active facebook page, up to date website and their communication to their members is excellent.  We find that clubs that are up to speed in this area build a strong club image.”

The club have recently installed a table tennis and billiard table in their social rooms to build on the family friendly environment and give people things to do when socialising at the club.  “It’s getting them active as well,” Shona explains.  “Watching the kids running around playing table tennis, having fun is just great.”

Clubs like Nyora Cricket Club are hubs for their communities so making sure they are safe, healthy and welcoming is very important.