The football and netball season in East Gippsland is about to start and Orbost Snowy Rovers Football Netball Club (OSRFNC) is ready, with senior football coach, David Waddell, and A grade netball coach Hollie Fuhrmann, set to lead the way in 2015.

OSRFNC believe their involvement in the VicHealth Healthy Sporting Environments Program has played a major part in ‘giving their club the edge’ and ensuring the club is winning on all fronts.

Working together with GippSport’s East Gippsland Program Co-ordinator, Jaquie Nethercote, the club has been successfully working through the six modules of Alcohol Management, Inclusion, Injury Prevention Management, Healthy Eating, Tobacco and Ultra Violet Protection.

“Orbost Snowy Rovers Football Netball Club plays a big part in the local community sporting landscape. It is a credit to their committee for seeing the bigger picture and the major role that health has to play in their sport,” said Jaquie.

Coach of the senior football team, David Waddell said, “Being in a remote town in comparison to others, we know how much of a role we do play in the community.  As a coach, it’s not just about improving as players on the fields. It is equally important for us to develop and improve as individuals. We should aim to become role models that represent this club.”

OSRFNC is winning off the field by sustaining their Level 3 Good Sports accreditation, developing policies and procedures, and obtaining valuable knowledge and resources that reflect the clubs vision of being a strong, healthy and inclusive club.

Hollie Fuhrmann, A grade Netball Coach is grateful for the welcoming and inclusive nature of the OSRFNC after moving to the town last year. “I found OSRFNC very inclusive and a great way to meet people from all ages and backgrounds. Being a part of this club for me personally has been just as much about playing netball as it has been about socialising and volunteering my time through coaching, canteen duty etc., in order to add to the bigger picture of a community organisation. A sporting community such as OSRFNC is a really important part in the Orbost community, which is a really great thing because I believe it sends a significant message about living a healthy lifestyle and looking out for others.”

Recently the OSRFNC received funding to upgrade the netball courts at Lochiel Park. The East Gippsland Shire Council is the auspice of the grant and project. The project is being funded by Sport and Recreation Victoria and the Orbost Snowy Rovers Football Netball Club.

Royston Nettleton, OSRFNC President welcomes everyone to come join the club. “We have had great numbers turn up for pre-season training. We extend an invite to the community, to come be a part of a welcoming, family friendly club. You do not have to be an active netballer or footballer to be involved as there are many other social activities that people can participate in. We offer friendly and safe facilities. We want people to know that the clubs focus is on sport and providing the best environment possible for our members, supporters and players. Being a part of the Healthy Sporting Environments Program helps get this message across.”

Do you want to find out how your club can become healthier.  Visit GippSport Healthy Clubs Website

Photo: Snowy River Mail

Photo: Courtesy of Snowy River Mail