GoodSports is an initiative of the Australian Drug Foundation. The program works with community based sporting clubs to promote responsible management of alcohol, to increase viability of sporting clubs and assist in creating a welcoming and friendly environment.

Through Good Sports program funding GippSport provides free support to sporting clubs to change their culture and reduce high risk drinking. Under the program, clubs will focus more on young people, families and sport participation and less on drinking alcohol.

The three-level accreditation criteria provide alcohol management standards for clubs that serve and/or consume alcohol. Clubs move through the levels over a period of 3 – 5 years, maintaining all standards from previous levels as they progress.

Good Sports’ major focus is to support sporting club committees progressively change the way alcohol is managed in all activities within the club’s grounds and associated functions.

GippSport through the Good Sports program also conducts Responsible Serving of Alcohol and Liquor Licensing Club Seminars. Please contact us for information about these sessions.

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