The Regional Sport Program 2018-21 is an investment under the VicHealth Physical Activity Strategy 2018-23 that aims to engage less active Victorians in rural and regional areas in sport. Through this program GippSport will improve the health of regional Victorians.

GippSport will work with local partners to create more opportunities for less active Victorians to be physically active through sport and active recreation with focus on young people (12-17) and women and girls.

In particular, GippSport will:

  • Support clubs to implement social or modified sport programs for young people (12-17) or women and girls (e.g. State Sporting Association programs)
  • Address gaps in participation pathways by supporting clubs to introduce new teams, programs or competitions for young people (12-17) or women and girls
  • Support clubs to use club facilities and venues as places for delivering active recreation opportunities (e.g. Yoga in Bowls Clubs)

GippSport will develop locally relevant strategies informed by community consultation, local insights and the identification of local gaps and opportunities. Based on these strategies, we will work with local and state partners to initiate and support delivery of participation opportunities, and support clubs and other stakeholders to ensure successful programs can be sustainable in the longer term.

Social or modified sport programs

Women and girls are generally less active than men, particularly when it comes to participating in organised sport.  We will work with sporting clubs and other deliverers of sport to tailor their program/s to maximise the participation of females.

Upcoming Opportunities 

March 2021


A new report from VicHealth has shown teenagers are struggling to do even an hour of physical activity a day and are almost five times more likely to be on their smartphone or tablet than being active.

Why teens stop playing sport:

Too much focus on winning and being skillful
Needing too much time, financial resources or family support to play
Having to prove themselves and try out for limited places on a sports team
Pressure to perform on the sports field
Competing priorities including academic performance, part-time work, social activities and screen-time.

Why teens want to play sport:

  • Having fun
  • Getting active and improving fitness
  • Learning new skills
  • Being social and making new friends
  • Trying new things
  • Stress relief

GippSport are committed to increasing the participation in sport of 12-17 year olds across Gippsland. We aim to work with young people, sporting clubs, schools, state and national sporting associations, local government any other service provider to achieve this goal.

All forms of sport and recreation will be applied. Traditional pathways, social sport, alternate sports and active recreation. A focus on working with teenagers to co-design programs will be applied to maximise participation.

Upcoming Opportunities 

March 2021


Many males over 30 years of age will experience a decline in sport participation after 30. Traditional competitive sport becomes too challenging due to time constraints (work and family commitments), injuries and reduction in motivation to be solely focused on one sport.

GippSport will work with groups to offer appropriate sport programs to get men active in either a social version of the sport they have played or an opportunity to try a social sport for the first time.  

Gender equality

VicHealth’s work in gender equality will contribute to improved health and wellbeing outcomes for Victorian women and girls by building support and enabling action for gender equality in all aspects of their lives, resulting in health, social and economic benefits for the Victorian community as a whole.

GippSport will work with local clubs, associations and community groups to create more opportunities for women & girls in Gippsland by promoting This Girl Can VIC and working with clubs in creating small changes as part of the Quick Wins program. 

#GippyGirlsCan is a social media movement encouraging the women of Gippsland to get active together through community and sporting club led physical activity programs. Gippy Girls Can emphasise community and provides women of all shapes, sizes, fitness levels and abilities to get active without the fear of judgement together, empowering our Gippy Girls.

GippSport is funded through VicHealth Regional Sport Program to partner with local sporting clubs and associations, and community organisations to roll opportunities under the Gippy Girls Can campaign. GippSport is the link between the activity, the sporting clubs and associations, the community groups, the participants, and the campaign to bring it all together to create the Gippy Girls Can community.

GippSport will be seeking to work with the community to increase opportunities for women and girls to participate in a range of sports and active recreation options throughout the campaign. GippSport supports local sporting clubs and associations, and community groups to host Gippy Girls Can programs and events.

To learn more about Gippy Girls Can, click here

This Girl Can is all about empowering Victorian women to enjoy being active without worrying about judgement, gender stereotypes or skill level.

VicHealth is encouraging women to visit the This Girl Can website and share their stories about how they get motivated, what kind of activities they enjoy, and the moments where they’ve thought “I don’t give a damn – I’m doing it anyway!”

This Girl Can was originally launched in England in 2015 by Sport England. VicHealth is partnering with Sport England for a local version of the campaign to inspire Victorian women to be physically active.

The campaign was designed to help women free themselves from the fear of judgement, which, according to local and UK research, holds too many women back from being as active as they would like.

Our goal is to create a community of women across Victoria who can share stories and advice to support each other and inspire others.


Learn more about the campaign and get inspired at

The Quick Wins program is a resource to help clubs take action to increase promotion, participation and leadership opportunities for women and girls within their clubs. 

The checklist focuses on 3 key areas :

  • Profiling Women and Girls
    Scheduling, Role Models, Celebration and Acknowledgement & sharing results and achievements.
  • Participation
    Promotion, Flexible timings and spaces, Introductory or social sport opportunities.
  • Leadership and Equal Opportunity
    Payment, Leadership Opportunities, Club leadership: 40% female committee representation.

Once a club assesses their position they will work with GippSport to make two quick changes to improve gender equity within the club with the view to increase participation of females at all areas of their club. Contact us to find out more.

Learn more about Quick Wins, contact GippSport

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