Give your club the Edge in Gippsland

We have just celebrated one year after the launch of the Healthy Sporting Environments program in Gippsland.  There are now 43 Gippsland clubs working through the six modules to assist their community and members to be healthier.  We are inviting more clubs to become involved.

We have traditional clubs such as football, netball and cricket as well as gymnastics, table tennis and windsurfing.  Any club can be involved, whether large or small or in a town or in the bush.  Our staff will support your club as it makes changes.

Already important changes have been made by clubs including:

  • Adding healthy eating options such as salad rolls and soup to canteen menus.
  • Having players sign that they will uphold the club’s code of conduct through the club’s registration process.
  • Having members trained in first aid, food handling and responsible serving of alcohol.
  • Having up to date information readily available about your club’s exact location in case an ambulance needs to be called.

It is a great program and a great opportunity for clubs to measure themselves against some standards set by VicHealth that measure how healthy your club can be.  Many clubs are meeting most of these standards and if they are not, clubs are keen to improve.