St Mary’s Nagle Cricket Club (SMNCC) from Bairnsdale is preparing for the upcoming season and have announced their new captain Damien Tubb. The club is leading the way by educating their members about the effects of Ultra Violet (UV) exposure through their work in the VicHealth Healthy Sporting Environments (HSE) Program.

SMNCC with the help of GippSports’ East Gippsland Program Coordinator, Jaquie Nethercote, is working its way through the UV protection module of the VicHealth (HSE) program. According to Jaquie Nethercote their participation in the program will go a long way towards educating their members about the potential harm of UV rays and the importance of sun protection in the upcoming summer months.

“People often experience sunburn and skin damage when playing sport. Too much UV from the sun can cause sunburn, skin damage, eye damage and skin cancer. Two in Three Australians will develop some form of skin cancer before they reach the age of 70”, Jaquie commented.

As a part of the program St Mary’s Nagle Cricket club has been able to secure a “VicHealth – Active Club Grant” and has purchased portable shade tents to provide extra shade for their members. The President for the St Marys Nagle Cricket Club Chris Websdale said that the program has been really beneficial for his club. “We are very conscious of the harmful effects of UV exposure. Being a part of The HSE program has provided the club with the resources to educate members about being sun smart, and has also provided substantial evidence to support our grant applications.”

SunSmart’s website – can provide valuable resources for sports clubs such as shade audits, information and merchandise to support UV protection.

With the cricket season and other summer sports not far away, key points for Clubs who are looking to implement sun protection measures are:

  • Develop a heat policy at club or league level.
  • Ensure clothing are made of UPF50+ material, are light weight and has long sleeves and a collar.
  • Encourage wide brim or bucket style hats.
  • Encourage participants to wear Australian standard sunglasses.
  • Sunscreen (SPF30+ broad spectrum and water resistant) is promoted or provided, is a part of first aid kits and is applied 20 minutes before participating in physical activity and is re applied every 2 hours.
  • Encourage participants to rest in the shade and provide shade structures where natural shade is not available.

One on one support for clubs and information on grants for shade structures are available. Any clubs interested in obtaining more information should contact GippSport on T: 5135 8335