The Latrobe Cricket Club (LCC) is promoting and educating the clubs next generation of stars with the Sun Smart message by providing all junior players with a FREE club wide brim hat.

Through the VicHealth Healthy Sporting Environments Program (HSE) UV module, the Latrobe Cricket Club identified that they had a responsibility to educate junior members around the importance of being Sun-Smart.

“In the back of our minds, as a club, we knew that we had a responsibility to be sun smart it wasn’t until we closely looked through the UV Protection Module of the HSE Program that the penny really dropped. There was clearly a need to change our thinking with respect to the hats that we provided to our junior members,” said LCC Anthony Bloomfield.

“This then made us look at funding opportunities to ensure that we could make this change without costing the families anything in the process. The Vic Health Active Club Grants and club sponsors Pro Rent were the catalyst behind the funding and making this happen financially,” Mr Bloomfield added.

“While we had provided caps for our junior players for some years it was felt that re-issuing a supply of wide brim hats to our juniors was a step in the right direction and sends a great message to our junior members about the need to be sun smart both at training and during match days,” Mr Bloomfield concluded.

GippSport Program Coordinator Chris Stanlake congratulated the club on the work they are doing around UV. “This is a great initiative by the Latrobe Cricket Club to implement the wide brim hats for junior members and raise the awareness of UV. We all know the importance of being Sun- Smart and it would be fantastic to see more clubs “get on board” with this type of thing and continue promote the importance of being Sun-Smart,” concluded Chris Stanlake.