Conditions were perfect for the second Stand Up Paddleboarding session at Coronet Bay in early March.  With seventeen local women loving the experience, the impetus to form a permanent group is building.  The third session is scheduled for April 20 again at Coronet Bay.

The session was organise through GippSport in partnership with Swell Mamas.  (SUP) instructor Lucy Cousens was really impressed.  “The turn out was fantastic and all the women just got in and had a go.”  It can be challenging for some women to schedule time to participate in organised programs like this.  Balancing time with children, working and just everyday life is often a huge barrier.

“It was a perfect (SUP) Day!”  GippSport Program Coordinator Gene Parini enthused.  “This group is building really nicely.  We are getting a good number of participants to each session and now formed an small organising group to try and organise the stuff off the beach like equipment, coach training for participants and future sessions.”

Stand Up Paddleboard Program for Females, Coasting is funded by VicHealth to increase physical activity for females as research shows women are generally less active than men, particularly when it comes to participating in organised sport.

Facebook group Paddle Boarding Mums & Ladies of Bass Valley is the place to check out any updates or view photos from previous sessions.  To register your interest for the April 20th session you can contact Gene at or (03) 5674 6004.