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GippSport Online Communities

While encouraging rigorous debate and the sharing of diverse opinions, GippSport expects community members to treat each other with respect and courtesy. These standards apply to interaction within all GippSport Online Services including official GippSport accounts established on third-party social media sites.

As well, GippSport is a ChildSafe organisation and as such, reserves the right to block, delete and/or report anything it deems to be inappropriate, bullying or harassing, or grooming in nature.

You understand and agree that GippSport has ultimate editorial control over all its online services. GippSport may edit, remove or exercise its discretion not to accept or publish your contribution for legal, editorial or operational reasons including if GippSport considers it to be:

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  3. an infringement of intellectual property rights including copyright.
  4. abusive, offensive or obscene.
  5. inappropriate, off topic, repetitive or vexatious. For example, GippSport reserves the right to reject contributions that have been widely canvassed in any forum. It also reserves the right to reject contributions from participants who seek to dominate the discussion.
  6. compromising the privacy of any person or containing inappropriate personal information.
  7. seeking to endorse commercial products or services.
  8. seeking to directly solicit donations.
  9. deliberate provocation of other community members; or
  10. impersonating someone else and/or posting on behalf of a suspended member.

If you breach these Terms of Use, GippSport may block your account or contributions.

GippSport values the role of its communities in guiding content standards and etiquette among members. If you have concerns about inappropriate content on any GippSport Online Service, you can alert the moderator of that space.

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