With the winter sports season coming to a close many clubs host celebrations and players embark on club trips.  Ensure your club is protecting your members and reducing any risk associated with excessive drinking and anti social behaviour.  Be proactive and plan ahead.

Tips for club committee members

  • Committee members should meet and discuss expected standards for patron behaviour, safety and comfort before the celebration
  • Let club members know that, by law, they will not be allowed into the clubhouse or ground if they arrive already intoxicated
  • For best practise your bar staff, including volunteers should be RSA trained in order to serve alcohol
  • At the event, club committee members should regularly check to see that adults are not passing alcohol to people under 18 years, or children are not drinking alcohol.
  • Club committee members should have regular patrols of exits to ensure patrons do not take alcohol away from the ground.

Tips for your end-of-season event (at the clubhouse or grounds)

  • Make sure carafes of free water and drink ware are available on trays at two or three places in your clubhouse, throughout the event
  • Offer low-alcohol drinks, coffee, tea and soft drinks
  • Have food available
  • Set a limit on the number of drinks a person can buy at one time
  • Don’t encourage or allow any drinking games
  • Conduct proper ID checks of young people.

For further tips from the Good Sports team view the great resource below around safe celebrations tips.

green4 pdf
Good Sports Safe Celebrations Tips Sheet.