Traralgon City Soccer Club was the first Gippsland based sporting club to a host the “You the Man” play for their club’s players and members as part of their involvement in the 50/50 Clubs Program which looks to ensure gender equity at all levels of the club.

You the Man is an American theatre-based program for bystander engagement and violence prevention. It is a brief intervention, consisting of a 35 minute play about dating violence plus a post-performance panel discussion from local agencies.

Tanya Kilgower from Gippsland Women’s Health Service has been working closely with the club committee on gender equality “From my perspective it has been great coming along to committee meetings and seeing that each time I attend more of the committee get involved in the conversations.”

“Traralgon City has been very open to taking on advice on the activities they can be doing to make their club more inclusive, and have been very keen to get all club members involved,” Ms Kilgower added.

“I think they have already achieved some great things, including hosting the You the Man play which saw many more club members exposed to violence prevention messages, and I believe they will go on to do many more great things in the future,” Ms Kilgower concluded.

Traralgon City President Bill Van Der Staay enjoyed the play as it got people thinking about an issue that is prevalent in the community “several committee members were in attendance at the session and all said it was fantastic – well organised, thought provoking, well presented.”

“We felt it was right on the mark with issues that needed addressing and would like to run it again in the future. The panel, with a range of support personnel was thought to be excellent also,” Mr Van Der Staay said.

If your club is interested in the You the Man play or would like more information on 50/50 clubs please contact Tanya Kilgower, 0490102 288 or GippSport on 5135 8335.