Ross Meredith Sale Hockey Club

Ross is currently the president of the Sale Hockey Club.

Ross and his family have been involved with the club since 1996.  Ross is also the Records Secretary for the East Gippsland Hockey Association, a delegate to the East Gippsland Hockey Association, a member of the Sale Stephenson Park users group and a member of the Gippsland Regional Sport Advisory Committee.

During Ross’ time as president, the club has introduced the Hook into Hockey program to encourage new people to hockey. Ross has encouraged the club to connect with new technologies with the club having its own Facebook page and the association using electronic systems for player registrations, results and ladders.  Ross has also worked hard to apply for grants with some success.

Ross involves himself in mowing and marking fields and on game days starts at 8.30 am going through to 4.30 pm ensuring the games run smoothly.  Ross is an asset to the club and GippSport would like to acknowledge the great work he is doing as our Volunteer of the Month.